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Winter Indoor Baseball Team Training

total_baseball_experience Modern day baseball players are superb athletes. At The Sports Training Academy, players can practice batting, pitching, catching and fielding.   Get the most out of your off-season training and use the Fitness Team to set up a program for your strength, flexibility and overall fitness.IMG_0645 PROGRAMS:

Winter/Indoor –  Baseball Team Training Program Program: Winter training baseball season begins in the fall!  The Baseball Academy will service your needs for off season training.  Your team will have access to pitching machines, pitching mounds, 4,000 sf of turfed field and 1 hour of fitness as athlete

New 2013 Winter Baseball Training Program (Formerly $165 per hour, now for an additional $75, your team gets the use of our trained fitness staff for 1 hour)

$245 (plus HST) for 2 hours of training.  1 hour trained by our in house Fitness Staff  prior to going on the field and 1 hour trained by your own team coaches.  For a team of 12 players, each hour of fitness costs only $6.75 per player, which we deem to be a TREMENDOUS VALUE.

Team must book a minimum of 15 weeks, beginning Thursday, January 2, 2014. The Total Baseball Winter Team Training Includes:

  • Training facility includes batting cages, tee area, soft toss area, pitching mound and turf field
  • Coached use of the fitness room and equipment, brand new Fitness Space with Cross Fit like gym.

Ask the Baseball Academy to provide instruction for your team.  Generally, cost for each “pro” coach costs $65 per hour on top of the field time.  Or you may bring your own instructor at your own team’s expense. *Teams may add in pro coaches as they move along their winter training schedule.

Philosophy: The Sports Training Academy is committed to providing an inspiring, dynamic environment where athletes have the opportunity to reach their goals. Train like a pro at the Baseball Academy. Team coaches will love the Academy’s innovative facility, giving your team the training ground you need to reach your team’s full potential. For more videos about our sports check out our YouTube page